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Cornish Unit Type 1

Monday, 19 February, 2018

After World War Two there was a need for more housing to be supplied quickly which led to the development of many types of ‘temporary’ non traditional housing throughout the United Kingdom. The Cornish Unit is one of the most recognisable types and there are many located throughout Cornwall and beyond.   There are two … Read More »

Have you checked which part of London is right for you to invest in property?

Monday, 19 February, 2018

Well, you have finally decided to buy a property there. It is a fantastic decision of getting settled in this beautiful city.   However, before you start dialing the numbers of property dealers or start reading blogs of property brokers; just delve this article to understand what area suits your lifestyle?   Yes, the city … Read More »

Why is such a big fuss about interest rates when you decide to invest in properties?

Thursday, 15 February, 2018

You must have seen people spending too much energy in thinking about property prices and interest rates. Especially, first-time buyers are more worried about it.   Sometimes, they get so confused that they just drop the idea of buying a home.   Is it a right way? Should we bother about things that are not … Read More »

Dangerous Building

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

The vertical timber to the right side of the photograph actually supports a substantial ‘A’ frame truss which is partly visible through the laths in the top centre right of the photo. This is where the end of the ‘A’ frame has rotted away and no longer bears over the wall and the post/prop fitted … Read More »

Problems and proposals in the housing health and safety system that you must know

Friday, 19 January, 2018

Do you know there has been a report published recently on the Housing Health and Safety Rating System? Well, many people do not have any idea about it.   The system is referred by the acronym HHSRS, and it gives the assessment framework to the EHOs (Environment Health Officers) while they do the survey of … Read More »

What Is The Validity Of The Predictions About House Prices In Light Of The Regional Changes?

Wednesday, 10 January, 2018

If we refer the report published by the BBC about the real estate prices, some unique and interesting things come out. The report is quite comprehensive and covers the factors after removing the disparity caused by the rate of general consumer inflation. Hence, it becomes more realistic and objective. The report may be a surprise … Read More »

Concrete Finlock Gutters

Saturday, 16 December, 2017

Concrete Finlock gutters were briefly popular in the 1960s and 1970s and comprise of small sections of concrete that locked together and cap off the top of cavity walls forming the wall plate and as such supports the roof structure/rafter ends etc. The majority of these installations have been found to leak on the joints … Read More »

Not getting impressive leads from the real estate website? Look at these aspects

Thursday, 30 November, 2017

Why do 95% real estate websites do not turn into business making tools in the real sense? Only five percent of them become successful in attracting sales leads. What is so special about them? When you evaluate the performance of your website and blog and find it not a business generator, you ask your peers. … Read More »

Renovating your home to maximize the value? Here are some smart tips!

Thursday, 30 November, 2017

Reports say the people spend millions of pounds each year to renovate their properties. Interestingly, a large chunk of it belongs to homeowners who sell the renovated property within one year of renovation. It means people believe that renovation helps in enhancing the value of their property. Whether it is a massive rebuild or just … Read More »

The Party Wall

Friday, 27 October, 2017

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 makes provision in respect of party walls and adjacent excavation and construction in proximity to certain buildings or structures. It is important to follow the procedures set out in the Act when undertaking works to your property as failure to do so can leave a project at risk of … Read More »