Thumbs up for snakes!

SsSssssssSsssssssSssssssSNAKE CAM IS HERE!
Our new wireless inspection camera (Snake Cam!) is here and we are now armed, dangerous and ready to inspect!
We can look into tight spots and send back real-time video to monitor.

We do love our new snaky device and believe that once you have used a snake camera, you’ll wonder how survival as a surveyor was possible before.

These cameras are perfect for looking into hard to reach places like roofs, cavity walls, flues/fireplaces and other sneaky places that only a snake could slither its way into….until now!


Having served 16 years in the army Colin re-educated during the early 1990’s including two years at the Camborne School of Mines reading Mineral Surveying and Resource Management achieving a first class Diploma (Dip CSM). This allowed direct entry to the second year at The University of the West of England, Bristol reading Valuation and Estate Management. Training and experience was gained with Exeter City Council Estates Department and Sheperds Chartered Surveyors qualifying as a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in June 2003. Colin set-up the company in May 2009 and covers the complete range of services.

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